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Mycology in Indiana


Indiana has a rich mycological history. One reason is that Purdue is home to one of the largest collections of rust fungi in the world, the Arthur Fungarium. In the past, Indiana mycologists have hosted three state-wide forays, in 1961, 1970 and 1981, with mycologists at Purdue serving as the host for the very first (1961) Indiana State Foray. Indiana has also served as host for the A.H. Smith Foray in 1980 hosted by Indiana State University, in 2002 hosted by Indiana University, and in 2008 hosted by Indiana University Northwest. Thus, 2015 marks the first time that Purdue University will host the Smith Foray.

Martell Forest, Ross Biological Reserve Area, Purdue University

Celery Bog Nature Reserve Area

Happy Hollow Park

Purdue Horticultural Park



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