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Rust HUBB contains 28S DNA sequences from thousands of rust species. Sequences have been verified, and come from vouchered herbarium specimens.

For details on methods and primers for 28S sequencing, see Aime & McTaggart 2020.

To use this tool, select the Rust HUBB button at the right.  Paste your 28S sequence into the box and blast. 


Results will show closest matches in our database, including name, collection number, voucher number, host (family or subfamily, genus and species) and geographic origin, as shown below.


When interpreting Blast results, in general, conspecificity will be indicated at >99% identity for rusts at this locus.  Be sure to compare alignments -- genuine SNPs are more indicative of different species whereas polymorphic sites (Y/C/T) and poly-A/T sites may not be indicative of different species.

Results should be verified by microscopic examination.


Herbarium codes: PUR = Arthur Fungarium, Purdue University; BPI = US National Fungus Collections, Beltsville, MD; LSUM = Louisiana State University Massey Herbarium, Baton Rouge, LA; BUT = Butler University Herbarium, Indianapolis, IN; BRIP = Plant Pathology Herbarium, Queensland, Australia.

Statistics (Dec. 3, 2023)

Number of sequences:  4019

Number of species:  1150

Number of genera:  125

For more information:  We welcome feedback and the contribution of verified sequence data.  Please email:

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