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Purdue University Herbaria

Dr. Aime is the Director of the Purdue University Herbaria. These consist of the Arthur Fungarium (PUR), one of the largest and most important collections of rust fungal specimens in the world, and the Kriebel Herbarium (PUL), which contains the oldest vascular plant collection in Indiana as well as fungi, lichens, and non-vascular plants.

Visitors:  Normally, the Purdue University Herbaria are open to the visitors Monday to Friday, except public holidays, from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., twelve months a year. However, the herbaria are closed to regular visitors during the current Covid epidemic until further notice. If you would like to arrange a visit during this time, please contact us at: Please refer to our Visitor Policy​ for more details. 


Loans: The Purdue University Herbaria will arrange loans of material for study to any other accredited herbarium. Please contact us​ for questions or inquiries at and/or refer to our Loan Policy.

Purdue University Herbaria Historic Collections

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PUR/PUL Visitor Policy


PUR/PUL Loan Policy

To learn more about both herbaria click here.

A brief history of the Arthur Fungarium is available here.

The Purdue University Herbaria contain many collections of historical interest; a few are listed below. A more complete listing and information are available at the Purdue Herbaria website.


  • The Purdue Herbaria Correspondence Collection contains early letters between prominent botanists, historical documents concerning the Department of Botany Plant Pathology at Purdue, and foundational documents regarding the establishment of the Arthur Fungarium and Kriebel Herbarium.

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