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Colombian biologist Paula Andrea Gomez-Zapata is searching for an ecofriendly alternative to chemicals to protect crops like coffee from devastating fungal infections: other fungi that infect those parasites.

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Jorge, Pedro, and Fanni

Jorge graduated his PhD in 2019 and will be starting as a post doc at another lab at Purdue.

Pedro graduated his PhD in 2019 and will be starting as a post doc at University of Florida/IFAS.

Fanni graduated her master in 2019 and will be working as a forensic scientist at Utah Dept. of Public Safety.


Congratulations Tas!!

Tereetas Kijpornyongpan graduated in Dec. 2019, and will be starting a post doc at the National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden, CO.




Jairus's research was featured in the Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research. Fall. 2019.

Read about it here.


Mary Claire

For winning the coveted best undergraduate poster presentation at the annual Botany and Plant Pathology research showcase.


Seth and Jake!!

Longtime lab members Seth Helfers and Jake Sarver graduated with a B.S. in Botany, on Sunday 18 December 2016.

Rachel & Jake

Rachel & Seth

Shannon Newerth's

research highlighted in Experience Purdue Spring 2016

Laetiporus collected at the 2015 Foray

The 2015 A. H. Smith Foray


The A. H. Smith Great Lake States Foray has been held since 1974 in honor of Dr. Alexander H. Smith, a renowned mycologist at the University of Michigan, as an annual event for mycologists around the Midwest States to gather and hunt for mushrooms and macrofungi. The event rotates to a different state each year. In 2015 the Aime lab hosted the 41st Annual Smith Foray from September 17–20.

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