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Welcome to the Aime Lab

The Aime Lab conducts research on the systematics and biodiversity of Basidiomycota.  We are located in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Our research focuses on the earliest diverging lineages of Basidiomycota (Pucciniomycotina, Ustilaginomycotina, and Wallemiomycetes) and on the biodiversity of basidiomycetes in tropical ecosystems. We apply a variety of tools and methods, from genomics to field studies in remote regions, to the study of these vastly underexplored Fungi. Dr. Aime is Director of the Kriebel Herbarium (PUL) and the Arthur Fungarium (PUR), the latter of which constitutes one of the most important collections of rust fungi (Pucciniales) in the world.


Sponsored by the Kriebel Herbarium of Purdue University


the North American Mycoflora Project

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