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Tropical Fungi

Cacao pathogens


Currently, about 100,000 species of fungi have been described, while estimates for the total number of species go as high as 5.1 million and upwards. Tropical rainforest ecosystems are woefully underexplored for fungi even though they are predicted to harbor much of that undescribed diversity. In an effort to document this diversity before it dissapears, we have been exploring tropical rainforests for 15 years, conducting field work throughout tropical South and Central America, Africa, and the South Pacific, including a longterm project consisting of 15 years of more or less consecutive sampling in the western Pakaraima Mountains of Guyana. In the single ecosystem in Guyana where we have focused—a tropical rainforest primarily composed of the ectomycorrhizal tree Dicymbe corymbosa—we have tallied more than 1000 species of Fungi, mostly saprobic Basidiomycota, the majority of which are previously undescribed. Some of the more novel fungi of these tropical ecosystems have led to more expansive projects including studying the biology and ecology of the recently described fungus Guyanagaster necrorhizus and the reproductive biology and pathogenesis of the cacao pathogen, Moniliophthora rorei

Guyana rainforest 

Traveling by donkey in Ecuador

Traveling by helicoptor in Belize: signalling the 'coptor as a hurricane rolls in

Traveling by Cessna in Guyana

Fermenting cacao seeds in Nigeria

Guyana 2012: Leonard William, Francino Edmond, Luciano Edmund, Rachel Koch, Cathie Aime, Chris Andrew

Guyana bush camp

2016 team, Dja forest, Cameroon (photo: Bryn Dentinger)

Dja forest, Cameroon (photo: Bryn Dentinger)

New Genera of Tropical Fungi:


Toome & Aime


Toome & Aime


Albu, Toome & Aime


T.W. Henkel, Aime, & M.E. Sm.


Sanchez-Garcıa, T.W. Henkel & Aime

Jimtrappea T.W. Henkel, M.E. Sm. & Aime

 Select Publications


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Night Microscopy

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